Piercings start from £15 .

Genital piercings start from £50.

Walk-in piercings are welcome but waiting times may vary if I am already with a client.


You can also contact me to make an appointment for any day and time.


Be it tattoos or piercings I prefer to work by appointment so I can prepare my station in advance and keep to my schedule. I don't like to rush anything I do so it's important that I allow all my clients 100% of my time and attention whilst they are with me.


I always use sterile titanium jewellery , but can also pierce with Bioflex, nickel free 9ct gold, 14kt gold and andonised titanium - With gauges between 20g and 14g.


Discount is available for students upon presentation of a valid student ID.

(Does not apply to ear lobe piercings or multi piercing which I already do at a discounted price)


Be sure to read the Piercing FAQ (below) , if you need more info or prices feel free to contact me and I will get back to you ASAP.


Aftercare instructions can be found towards to bottom of this page. Download or screenshot it for future reference!





  • Yes, I pierce with needles and will always open a new and sterile needle with you present.


  • You MUST be age 16 or over with valid PHOTO I.D to be pierced without parental consent.


  • You MUST be age 18 or over with valid PHOTO I.D for nipple and genital piercings.

No exceptions!


  • If you are under 16 and want a piercing you MUST have a parent or legal guardian with you, as well as PHOTO I.D for both child and adult. Birth certificates alone are not accepted unless you also have further proof of identity. Such as Oyster photo cards, Student I.D or a Pass/citizen card. If you are not sure if your documents are accepted get in contact and I will help you out.


  • I don't use any kind of numbing agent - I am far to fast at piercings to need it

and I often hear clients remark how they didn't feel a thing or that the clamping is the most uncomfortable part of the process.


  • You can bring people along to support you but only 1 or 2 will be allowed in the treatments room during the piercing.


  • Jewellery is available to purchase in the studio for established piercings.



What to expect from your new piercing


After getting a new piercing you will notice that the pierced area is sore and may be swollen or sometimes lightly bruised for a few days to a few weeks. This is normal and to be expected.

Most piercing will leak a creamy white fluid during the healing stage , do not be alarmed! It is not an infection! It is simply called 'Lymph', a fluid which leaks out of lymphoid tissue around the Jewellery. If there's an abudunace of this then you may not be taking proper care of your piercing and should clean it more often.

Swelling is often the most uncomfortable part of getting a new piercing, especially for oral piercings such as the tongue and lip (Labrets) . In extreme cases you may need to have your initial jewellery changed to help ease this, but it is very rare. If you are experiencing discomfort you can use a cold compress on the pierced area, if it's an oral piercing you can have a lot of ice cubes/ice cream/lollies which will help reduce the swelling and you can also take over the counter Ibuprofen.

(Always check with your doctor , walk-in center or chemist before taking any medication)

Over time as your piercing heals and strengthens, it will become a more innate and comfortable part of your body.

After a few weeks to a few months (depending on the piercing) your piercing will be fully healed and you will be ready to upgrade your style from starter jewellery to something a little more personal.

Below is an image you can save to your device for basic piercing aftercare instructions. You can contact me at any time if you need more detailed information or have any questions and I'll get back to you ASAP.


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