*Fully licensed tattooist and body piercer with 10+ years studio experience.


* Based in a studio in West London.


* Dusk til dawn - Early morning, Late night and Sunday sessions available by appointment.


*Vegan Inks on request!

* * * * * * * * * *


Although I am happy and comfortable working with most tattoo styles, I really enjoy doing Bold powerlined designs, Old School/Traditional/Neo-Traditional, Japaneses pieces, Blackwork, Abstract art, Roses and flowers,

Film and Music related tattoos, Pin ups , Watercolour styles and Geometric designs.


I love working with colour and detailed pieces whenever possible and customs designs are always welcome.


Check out my gallery to see some of my favourite bits so far.







Things to Avoid While Your Tattoo Heals

  • Don't apply petroleum based products to your new tattoo.


  • Do not go swimming at all! Be it a pool or natural body of water, both contain many germs and bacteria which will put your new tattoo at risk of infections.Chlorine in pools can also bleach colour and dry out a new tattoo. AVOID for at least 2-3 weeks.


  • Do not soak your new tattoo in the bath tub. This can allow bacteria to penetrate your healing skin and it will soften any scabs you might have that can result in loss of pigment and scarring.


  • Avoid exposing your new tattoo to direct sunlight. This can lead to rapid pigment fading and you could easily burn it. A surburnt tattoo is incredibly painful so do plan your appointments at least 2 weeks before or after going on holiday to any hot countries.


  • Don't pick at your scabs or scratch/rub your tattoo!


  • A healing tattoo is better off too dry than too wet, moisture attracts germs and softens scabs which may make them fall off prematurely. After washing your tattoo be sure to pat it dry with a clean cotton cloth or good quality kitchen roll. Apply your tattoo aftercare cream in a light and even layer and repeat 2-4 times a day or as necessary.



Below is an image you can save to your device for basic tattoo aftercare instructions. You can also contact me at any time if you need more detailed information or have any questions.



I recommend using any of these products

for new and healing tattoos:

Bepanthen (nappy rash cream)

Tattoo Goo

Carex Aloe Vera anitbacterial soap

(used with water daily to clean the tattoo area)

Redemption Tattoo Aftercare


Hustle Butter

So Very Cherry


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